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Varying CMR presentations of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor (ICI) associated cardiotoxicity.

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posted on 19.02.2021, 19:12 by Angela Y. Higgins, Amit Arbune, Aaron Soufer, Elio Ragheb, Jennifer M. Kwan, Jerome Lamy, Mariana Henry, Jason R. Cuomo, Ahmad Charifa, Cesia Gallegos, Sarah Hull, Jessica Shank Coviello, Anna S. Bader, Dana C. Peters, Steffen Huber, Hamid R. Mojibian, Albert J. Sinusas, Harriet Kluger, Lauren A. Baldassarre

Patient 1. Myocarditis with elevated T2-weighted signal (T2 ratio 2.2) (A) three chamber (B, white arrow) and short axis (C, white arrow) LGE imaging showing mid-myocardial LGE of basal inferior and inferoseptal walls. Patient 2. Acute myocardial infarction showing transmural LGE of the inferolateral wall with microvascular obstruction (D and E, white arrows) and corresponding increased signal on T2W-mapping (F, black arrow). Patient 3. Myopericarditis showing pericardial thickening and LGE on four chamber (G), short axis (H) and two chamber (I). Patient 4. Metastatic tumors within the basal inferior myocardium on two-chamber cine imaging (J, white arrow) with corresponding LGE (I, arrow) and edema on T2W imaging (J, black arrow).