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Variable chemical profiles of plant species used by different mosquito species as host plants.

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posted on 2018-02-20, 18:29 authored by Vincent O. Nyasembe, David P. Tchouassi, Christian W. W. Pirk, Catherine L. Sole, Baldwyn Torto

A) Representative profiles of headspace volatile organic compounds (VOCs) of different plant species as measured by coupled gas chromatography/mass spectrometry. The identities of the compounds labeled 1–73 representing VOCs from the five plant species, their retention times and Kovats indices are listed in S1 Table (additional information). B) Three-dimensional graphical representation of PCA which resolves the volatile profiles of the five plant species into three distinct clusters. PCA1 = 38%, PCA2 = 32% and PCA3 = 22%. C) Mean amounts of VOCs from the five plant species. Bars capped with different letters are significantly different. Circles and asterisk above the box plots represent outliers. Quantitative differences in the VOCs content of the five plants were detected using Univariate analysis of variance and Tukey HSD.