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Values of several textural features (normalized to the maximum value obtained in each subplot) for different spatial resolutions (432x432 ST 1mm, 432x432 ST 2 mm, 256x256 ST 1 mm, 256x256 ST 2 mm) and dynamic range values (16, 32 and 64 grey levels).

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posted on 06.06.2017, 17:31 by David Molina, Julián Pérez-Beteta, Alicia Martínez-González, Juan Martino, Carlos Velasquez, Estanislao Arana, Víctor M. Pérez-García

Shown are results for a) co-occurence (CM) Entropy, b) CM Homogeneity, c) run-length matrix (RLM) SRE, d) RLM LRE.