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Untargeted lipidomic analysis to broadly characterize the effects of pathogenic and non-pathogenic staphylococci on mammalian lipids - Fig 4

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posted on 2018-10-31, 18:30 authored by Naren Gajenthra Kumar, Daniel Contaifer Jr, Paul RS Baker, Kim Ekroos, Kimberly K. Jefferson, Dayanjan S. Wijesinghe

Unidirectional Hierarchical clustering of significant lipid species (A) Neutral lipids (B) Phospholipids. PBS; PBS control, JE2; S. aureus JE2, MN8: S. aureus MN8, COL; S. aureus (agr-), NEW; S. aureus Newman (constitutive saeS), EPI; S. epidermidis RP62A, CAR; S. carnosus TM300.