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Typical reactions of Bipolaris sorokiniana isolate ND85F culture filtrates on nec3 mutants and wildtype (wt) parental lines.

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posted on 2021-12-16, 18:58 authored by Gazala Ameen, Shyam Solanki, Lauren Sager-Bittara, Jonathan Richards, Prabin Tamang, Timothy L. Friesen, Robert S. Brueggeman

Infiltrations of secondary leaves of barley lines Bowman wt, nec3-γ1, nec3.d, nec3.e., Steptoe wt, nec3.l, and nec3.m (left to right) with Bipolaris sorokiniana isolate ND85F culture filtrates (CF). The treatments from top to bottom (indicated to the left) were culture filtrates (CF) with Fries media (FM); CF with MOPS buffer (M); CF with M and pronase (P); and the control containing FM, M and P. Infiltrations were performed at the two-leaf stage and documented 4 and 7 days after infiltration. Pictures shown were taken at 7 days post infiltration.