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Two-color color scheme diagram.

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posted on 2023-03-14, 17:23 authored by Lin Wang, Yi Zhang

In the visual design of a portal website, color is the first intuitive factor for users. It is relatively difficult for the designer of a city portal website to choose a color system that represents a city’s unique color from among the many available options. Therefore, this study extracted a decision-making model of the urban color system, which can help decision-makers and designers choose among color systems, and then effectively design a portal website that conforms to local cultural attributes. The proposed method to solve the problem involved obtaining optimal color matching by performing weight analysis of colors through 123 sample color semantics, factor analysis, and a fuzzy analytic hierarchy process. Semantic analysis was used to classify colors into four categories of fashion, technology, calm, and dazzling. The fashion color matching scheme scored relatively high. Web page color matching schemes with a white background were popular, among which a white and green color matching scheme scored relatively high. At the same time, there are differences in color preferences between genders and cultures. This study is significant because it proposes a color decision model for portal websites, which provides a reference value that can also be applied to the selection of color schemes for other types of web pages in the future.