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Turbidity observed in the different hemolymph samples of larvae in the fifth instar extracted using the different proposed extraction techniques.

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posted on 2020-06-18, 22:07 authored by Nicole Pavan Butolo, Patricia Azevedo, Luciano Delmondes de Alencar, Caio E. C. Domingues, Lucas Miotelo, Osmar Malaspina, Roberta Cornélio Ferreira Nocelli

(A) Hemolymph extraction using ophthalmic scissors; (B) Hemolymph extraction using a hypodermic syringe; (C) Hemolymph extraction using a 30G needle; (D) Hemolymph extraction using fine-tipped forceps. The four different samples were diluted 2,500x for viewing under the light microscope.