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ICAM-1 and CD11c in exosome-target cell interactions.

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posted on 2018-11-01, 18:05 authored by Samuel S. Linton, Thomas Abraham, Jason Liao, Gary A. Clawson, Peter J. Butler, Todd Fox, Mark Kester, Gail L. Matters

Mixtures of PANC-1 exosomes with THP-1-derived, non-polarized macrophages show little co-localization of ICAM-1 (green, panel 1) with the macrophage marker CD11c (red, panel 2). A merged image (panel 3) showing few areas of co-localized ICAM-1 and CD11c staining (yellow) and little relocalization of CD11c from the cell surface to the cytosol. Scale bar = 3.4 μm.