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Truncated Amx causes wing notching or wing loss when expressed with multiple wing-expressed GAL4 drivers.

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posted on 2021-12-14, 18:34 authored by Jose L. Salazar, Sheng-An Yang, Yong Qi Lin, David Li-Kroeger, Paul C. Marcogliese, Samantha L. Deal, G. Gregory Neely, Shinya Yamamoto

(A) AmxΔECD expressed in the developing wing pouch with nub-GAL4 causes notching along the wing margin. (B) Homozygous nub-GAL4, UAS-amxΔECD recombinant animals show near complete loss of wing (arrow). (C) dpp-GAL4 (expressed between the third and fourth wing veins) driven expression of AmxFL has no effect on wing morphology. (D) dpp-GAL4 driven expression of AmxΔECD causes notching at the wing tip.