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Triple treatment suppresses colony formation of PANC-1 cells.

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posted on 29.01.2020, 18:33 by Chueh-Hsuan Lu, Yu-Yi Kuo, Guan-Bo Lin, Wei-Ting Chen, Chih-Yu Chao

(A) Clonogenic survival assay results for PANC-1 cells treated with CGA (200 μM), TC-HT (10-cycles), and LIPEF (60 V/cm) alone, in double or triple combination. Images are representative of three independent experiments. (B) Analysis of colony formation rate. Data are presented as mean ± S.D. in triplicate. (***p < 0.001 vs. untreated control; ##p < 0.01 and ###p < 0.001 between indicated groups).