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Treatment with enalapril and not diltiazem ameliorated progression of chronic kidney disease in rats, and normalized renal AT1 receptor expression as measured with PET imaging - Fig 2

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posted on 19.05.2017, 17:28 authored by Basma Ismail, Rob A. deKemp, Etienne Croteau, Tayebeh Hadizad, Kevin D. Burns, Rob S. Beanlands, Jean N. DaSilva

Body weight data obtained weekly over 10 weeks (A), terminal left kidney weight for sham (N = 8), Nx (N = 8), NxE (N = 6) and NxD (N = 8) (B) and heart weight for sham (N = 8), Nx (N = 9), NxE (N = 9) and NxD (N = 8) (C) normalized to body weight at 18–20 weeks post-surgery. Data are presented as mean±SD. * p<0.05 vs sham, $ p<0.05 vs Nx, # p<0.05 vs NxE (p<0.05).