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Transmission electron microscopy of the inner plexiform layer.

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posted on 2016-05-04, 09:18 authored by Judith Fernández-Navarro, Pilar Aldea, Rosa de Hoz, Juan J Salazar, Ana I Ramírez, Blanca Rojas, Beatriz I. Gallego, Alberto Triviño, Teresa Tejerina, José M. Ramírez

A: G0 control; B: G1 hypercholesterolemic; C: G2 statins. In G2 (C) features of axon and dendrites necrosis (arrows) were fewer than in G1 (B). In G2 (C) the ultrastructural characteristics of the neuronal processes were more similar to those in G0 than in G1 (B) (A). In G2 (C), Müller cells filled the empty spaces left by necrotic cell processes [Müller cells (M); Müller cell in necrosis (*); G2 (pravastatin)].