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Transient transfection of Env variants with highly negative diffsel does not induce UPR.

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posted on 2022-02-18, 18:42 authored by Jimin Yoon, Emmanuel E. Nekongo, Jessica E. Patrick, Tiffani Hui, Angela M. Phillips, Anna I. Ponomarenko, Samuel J. Hendel, Rebecca M. Sebastian, Yu Meng Zhang, Vincent L. Butty, C. Brandon Ogbunugafor, Yu-Shan Lin, Matthew D. Shoulders

RT-PCR analysis of SEC24D, HSPA5, DNAJB9, and HYOU1 in HEK293T cells expressing GFP (negative control), wild-type Env, and 3 Env variants that were strongly negatively selected in +XBP1s versus basal (C54W, L111P, and L556R). As a positive control for UPR induction, HEK293T cells expressing GFP were treated with thapsigargin (Tg; 2 μM) for 6 h (GFP + Tg). RT-PCR data are presented as fold increase relative to GFP-transfected negative control. RT-PCR data values are provided in S7 Data.