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Transendothelial electrical resistance (TEER) and permeability of hBMECs with and without retinoic acid treatment.

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posted on 2016-04-12, 14:18 authored by Moriah E. Katt, Zinnia S. Xu, Sharon Gerecht, Peter C. Searson

(A-B) Representative TEER plots for hBMEC, hBMEC RA, hBMEC GFP, and hBMEC GFP RA cells. Data were obtained from 5 independent measurements from one differentiation. Error bars represent SE. (C) Peak TEER values. Data were obtained from five separate differentiations. Error bars represent SE. (D) Permeability values for LY (data from four independent differentiations for BC1-derived cells and three independent differentiations for BC1 GFP-derived cells), tacrine (data from three independent differentiations), rhodamine 123 apical-to-basolateral (data from three independent differentiations), and rhodamine 123 basolateral-to-apical. (E) Efflux ratio of rhodamine 123 for hBMEC, hBMEC RA, and hBMEC GFP RA. Error bars represent SE. * represents p < 0.05, ** represents p < 0.01.