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Titration of MoPrP with HS monitored by NMR.

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posted on 21.11.2017, 18:42 by Gabriele Giachin, Ridvan Nepravishta, Walter Mandaliti, Sonia Melino, Alja Margon, Denis Scaini, Pierluigi Mazzei, Alessandro Piccolo, Giuseppe Legname, Maurizio Paci, Liviana Leita

In panel A, region of 1D-NMR spectrum of ring current shifted methyl resonance (RCSMs) of MoPrP(89–230) at 90 μM in 5% D2O at increasing concentration of HAGw. Colored in black: MoPrP(89–230) alone; blue: in presence of 60 μg/mL HAGw; green: in presence of 120 μg/mL HAGw; violet: in presence of 180 μg/mL HAGw. The assignments were assigned according to BMRB NMR data bank (id 17174) as follows: I139 (a); L130 (b); L182 (c); I139 (d); V161 (e); L125 and L130 (f); R156 (g); L125 and V166 (j); I184 and T201 (i). In panel B, region of the NMR spectrum (RCSM) resonances of MoPrP(23–230) at 90 μM in 5% D2O. In black: MoPrP(23–230) alone; red: in presence of 60 μg/mL FABw; green: in presence of 120 μg/mL FABw; violet: in presence of 180 μg/mL FABw; orange: in presence of 240 μg/mL FABw. In panel C, precipitation of MoPrP(89–230) in presence of HS: FABw (dashed line with black circle), FAGw (dashed line with black square), HALe (continuous line with open square), HAS (continuous line with open circle), HAGw (continuous line with open diamond) and FAS (continuous line with open triangles). In panel D, precipitation of MoPrP(89–230) (dashed line with black circle) and MoPrP(23–230) (dashed line with black triangles) in presence of FABw.