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Time to treatment failure and overall survival for triple-negative subgroup, by race

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posted on 2011-12-31, 03:38 authored by Lyndsay N Harris, Gloria Broadwater, Nancy U Lin, Alexander Miron, Stuart J Schnitt, David Cowan, Jonathan Lara, Ira Bleiweiss, Donald Berry, Matthew Ellis, Daniel F Hayes, Eric P Winer, Lynn Dressler

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Taken from "Molecular subtypes of breast cancer in relation to paclitaxel response and outcomes in women with metastatic disease: results from CALGB 9342"

Breast Cancer Research 2006;8(6):R66-R66.

Published online 27 Nov 2006


Time to treatment failure: not triple negative and triple negative. Overall survival: not triple negative and triple negative. Patients were classified by race (African-American [dashed line] or Caucasian [solid line]) and divided into subsets based on triple-negative status. Exploratory analysis to investigate the interaction of triple negative status and race.


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