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Time series plots summarizing distributions, and predicted mean growth curves, of (A) Bleeding, (B) IUD satisfaction, and (C) Cramping over study month.

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posted on 2018-11-07, 18:29 authored by Jessica N. Sanders, Daniel E. Adkins, Simranvir Kaur, Kathryn Storck, Lori M. Gawron, David K. Turok

Caption: Black diamonds represent variable means (i.e., Bleeding, IUD satisfaction, and Cramping), by month. Interval bars represent variable means +/- 0.5 variable SDs, by month. The red lines represent the model-implied growth curve as predicted by the SEM models presented in Table 2. The underlying dotplot depicts the distributions of the outcomes, by month. For the first plot, (A), values are binned, and the Y axis is top coded at ≥400 for the PBAC score to improve resolution in the middle of the distribution. Abbreviations: PBAC—Pictorial Blood Assessment Chart; IUD—intrauterine device; MSQ—Menstrual Symptoms Questionnaire.