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Three-day sleep patterns in Drosophila.

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posted on 29.07.2020, 17:41 by Yan-Ying Wang, Wei-Wei Ma, I-Feng Peng

(A) Sleep profiles of female and male flies under LD and DD condition for three days (day-after-eclosion, DAE, 5 to 7). Before recording, virgin male or female flies were sorted by gender separately since DAE 1, and raised in SA medium from DAE 2 to 4 at LD condition. Left for female and right for male. (B) Comparison of total sleep for three consecutive days under LD and DD condition. N numbers: females in LD, females in DD, males in LD, and males in DD: 16, 11, 14, and 11. Statistical methods are the same as in Fig 1.