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Thermal stability of the purified scFv that were expressed with CyDisCo.

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posted on 18.12.2017, 18:31 by Anna Gąciarz, Lloyd W. Ruddock

(A) natalizumab framework—trastuzumab CDRs hybrid scFv. (B) natalizumab scFv. (C) trastuzumab scFv. For panels A-C all scFv were made in the presence of CyDisCo. The insert panel in each case shows the derivative of the change in fluorescence signal. (D) Correlation between melting temperature (Tm) and the yield of purified scFv expressed with (●) or without (○) disulfide bonds. Only those scFv showing a single thermal denaturation step are plotted. Coefficient of correlation between Tm and the yield of scFv with disulfide bonds R2 = 0.12 and without disulfide bonds R2 = 0.56.