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The transcriptome profile of the Bowman wildtype and nec3-γ1 mutant after 72 hours post inoculation of Bipolaris sorokiniana isolate ND85F.

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posted on 2021-12-16, 18:58 authored by Gazala Ameen, Shyam Solanki, Lauren Sager-Bittara, Jonathan Richards, Prabin Tamang, Timothy L. Friesen, Robert S. Brueggeman

The venn-diagram represents the number of unique genes in a given class, where the blue and green oval represents Bowman downregulated and upregulated genes, respectively and the red and yellow oval represents nec3-γ1 mutant upregulated and downregulated genes, respectively (Top image). The bar graph shows the number of total genes present in each class Bowman and nec3-γ1 mutant up and down-regulated genes (Bottom image).