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siRNA-mediated knockdown of GluN3A mRNA in 46C-derived NSCs.

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posted on 13.02.2018, 18:28 by Svenja Pachernegg, Sebastian Eilebrecht, Elke Eilebrecht, Hendrik Schöneborn, Sebastian Neumann, Arndt G. Benecke, Michael Hollmann

46C-derived NSCs were either transfected with a mixture of scrambled siRNAs1+2 or with a mixture of siRNAs1+2 directed against GluN3A. A: qRT-PCRs were performed to analyse the knockdown of GluN3A at the mRNA level. GluN3A was significantly downregulated upon transfection with the mixture of siRNAs1+2 against GluN3A. There were no statistically significant differences in GluN3A expression between non-transfected NSCs and NSCs transfected with the mixture of scrambled siRNAs1+2 or scrambled siRNA2. Data represent means +/- SEM; statistical significances were assigned by unpaired Student’s t-test. ***p < 0.001. n = 3 independent experiments.