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The proteome has a statistical nature

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posted on 2011-12-30, 19:57 authored by Ana C Gomes, Isabel Miranda, Raquel M Silva, Gabriela R Moura, Benjamin Thomas, Alexandre Akoulitchev, Manuel AS Santos

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Taken from "A genetic code alteration generates a proteome of high diversity in the human pathogen "

Genome Biology 2007;8(10):R206-R206.

Published online 4 Oct 2007


In , 33% of the genes do not have CUG codons and 57% have between one and five codons. Ambiguous CUG decoding results in exponential expansion of the proteome, allowing the 6,438 genes to generate 2.8379 × 10different proteins. The impact of various leucine mis-incorporation levels on the probability of synthesis of proteins with 0, 1, 2, or 3 leucines at CUG positions, for genes containing three CUGs. Number of novel proteins generated through ambiguous CUG decoding in the experimental conditions tested. The total number of novel proteins within a cell was estimated as being of 6.7 × 10in cells grown at 30°C, of 8.7 × 10at 37°C, of 10.9 × 10at pH 4.0, of 9.0 × 10in the presence of hydrogen peroxide (HO), and of 40 × 10in the highly ambiguous cells. 0.01% indicates background decoding error.


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