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The NetB-M reporter is expressed in CBs and weakly in muscles.

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posted on 2016-02-03, 22:47 authored by Jamshid Asadzadeh, Niamh Neligan, Sunita G. Kramer, Juan-Pablo Labrador

(A) Schematic representation of the positions and the relative sizes of the available Gal4 reporters for NetB locus. We screened Gal4 from the Janelia collection [22] for DV expression. The line expressing Gal4 efficiently in the DV is shown in magenta. (B-C’) Gal4 expression pattern was examined using a UAS-Tau-Myc-GFP construct. Co-staining of embryos with a-Myc (green) and a-Mef2 (magenta) revealed Gal4 expression in muscles and the DV at stage 13 (B, B’) and 15 (C, C’). Co-staining of these embryos with a-Myc (green), a-Mef2 (red) and a-Zfh1 (magenta) reveals a reduction in the expression in other in muscles and pericardial cells while expression in CBs persists at late stage 16–17 (D, D’). All panels are dorsal views with anterior to the left. A magnification of the regions delineated by insets is shown for each panel.