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The AtDRTS3 promoter is differentially active in the apical meristems.

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posted on 08.06.2017, 18:01 by Antonio Maniga, Stefania Ghisaura, Lara Perrotta, Maria Giovanna Marche, Rino Cella, Diego Albani

(A to G) Localization of GUS activity in lines carrying the SFH3/DRTS3 construct. One-week-old (A) and two-week old (B) seedlings showing preferential activity of the AtDRTS3 promoter in SAMs, hydathodes and root caps (inset B1). Weak GUS activity is detected in small flower buds (C) and at the tip of the embryonic root of mature embryos (E), but is absent in the siliques (D). Localized activity of the AtDRTS3 promoter is seen also at the insertion of lateral floral stems (F) and is strongly detected in stipules as well (G).