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The human cortical connectome requires a lower coupling gain to display ignition than surrogate models.

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posted on 31.07.2020, 17:43 authored by Samy Castro, Wael El-Deredy, Demian Battaglia, Patricio Orio

(A) One example of the unweighted surrogate connectomes (uSCs) matrices, in which connections were normalized to make reliable comparisons with


(each purple entry was set to 1.332x10-2). The


networks disrupt the connectivity pattern but preserve the degree distribution. The


networks display a small-worldness value close to the


. (B) One example of the weighted surrogate connectomes (wSCs) matrices. The colour bar shows the connection weights in a log-scale. (C-D) Bistable range of the Human compared to either uSCs (C) or wSCs (D), highlighting the bifurcation G- (left) and G+ (right) points. The orange dashes (blue dashes) show the range of values for G- (G+) in surrogate connectomes.