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The enhanced effect on the editing of rpl16-458 within the emp5-4 emp21-1 double mutant.

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posted on 2019-08-02, 17:30 authored by Yong Wang, Xin-Yuan Liu, Yan-Zhuo Yang, Jin Huang, Feng Sun, Jishan Lin, Zhi-Qun Gu, Aqib Sayyed, Chunhui Xu, Bao-Cai Tan

(A) Gene structure of Emp5. Protein coding region is in black and the Mu1 insertion is indicated by a triangle. (B) PCR-based identification of emp5-4/emp5-4 Emp21/emp21-1 plants. The lane 3 and 4 marked by red font are emp5-4/emp5-4 Emp21/emp21-1 plants. (C) A selfed ear of the emp5-4/emp5-4 Emp21/emp21-1 double mutant. The emp5-4 emp21-1 double mutant kernels are marked by red arrows. Bar = 1 cm. (D) Transcription profiling of Emp5 and Emp21 in the emp5-4 single mutant, the emp5-4 emp21-1 double mutant and WT. (E) Editing efficiency in the emp21-1 and emp5-4 single mutants and the emp5-4 emp21-1 double mutant. The relevant raw data are reported in S4 Dataset.