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The effects of prednisolone treatment on serological responses and lipid profiles in Ethiopian leprosy patients with Erythema Nodosum Leprosum reactions - Fig 2

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posted on 2018-12-28, 18:42 authored by Edessa Negera, Melaku Tilahun, Kidist Bobosha, Saba M. Lambert, Stephen L. Walker, John S. Spencer, Abraham Aseffa, Hazel M. Dockrell, Diana N. Lockwood

Serological responses to antigens in patients with ENL before and after prednisolone treatment (A): response to M. leprae PGL-1 antigen; (B): response to M. leprae Ag85 antigen; (C): response to M. leprae LAM antigen; Number of ENL = LL = 25; Statistical test: Mann-Whitney unpaired test (U). * P≤0.05; Error bars show median ± interquartile range.