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The effective CatB-enhancing agent PADK (chosen from Table 2) selectively enhances CatB activity in hippocampal slice cultures.

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posted on 10.08.2017, 17:53 by Karen L. G. Farizatto, Uzoma S. Ikonne, Michael F. Almeida, Merari F. R. Ferrari, Ben A. Bahr

The slice cultures were treated daily with vehicle or 3 μM PADK for 2 days before being collected into slice groups of 7–9 each. Panel a: Immunoblot assessments stained the 30- and 25-kDa CatB isoform (CatB-30 and CatB-25), GluR1, and synaptophysin (SNP). Panel b: Fluorogenic peptide assays assessed the harvested slice samples for cathepsin B and proteasome chymotrypsin-like activities. The two measures were normalized to their respective vehicle control groups (mean ± SEM). Cathepsin B activity exhibited a significant increase, whereas proteasome activity exhibited only a small increase. Panel c: Percent changes in CatB (white) and proteasome (black) activities compared to control are shown for 6-day Aβ42 treatment (from Fig 3a data), for 4-day lactacystin treatment (from Fig 4a and Table 1 data), and for 2-day PADK treatment (from Fig 7b data).