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The cell-free supernatant from TCR stimulated CD4CD25T cell culture contained ROS

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posted on 31.12.2011, 10:33 by Shoba Amarnath, Li Dong, Jun Li, Yuntao Wu, Wanjun Chen

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Taken from "Endogenous TGF-β activation by reactive oxygen species is key to Foxp3 induction in TCR-stimulated and HIV-1-infected human CD4CD25T cells"


Retrovirology 2007;4():57-57.

Published online 9 Aug 2007


CD4CD25T cells were cultured with anti-CD3 and anti-CD28 for the indicated time points and ROS in the culture supernatant was detected using DCFH-DA as described in the Method section. Oxidation of DCFH-DA was measured using a spectrofluorometer at wavelength 485/535 nm and is represented as fluorescent units. The experiment was repeated twice with similar results.


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