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The burden of trisomy 21 disrupts the proteostasis network in Down syndrome - Fig 2

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posted on 21.04.2017, 17:30 authored by Stefanos Aivazidis, Christina M. Coughlan, Abhishek K. Rauniyar, Hua Jiang, L. Alexander Liggett, Kenneth N. Maclean, James R. Roede

LCLs from DS patients enhanced basal levels of ROS production (A) and expression of ER stress genes (B). Unstimulated DS and CTL LCLs were evaluated for basal superoxide and hydrogen peroxide production using flow cytometry. These unstimulated cells were also assessed for ER stress gene expression using qRT-PCR. N = 3; * P<0.05; ** P<0.01; *** P<0.001; **** P<0.0001.