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The barley germination process: Seedling development and sampling time points.

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posted on 2016-03-03, 08:01 authored by Karin Gorzolka, Jan Kölling, Tim W. Nattkemper, Karsten Niehaus

A) Time scheme of mini malting of the Optic barley at 16°C for the collection of samples. Arrows indicate sampling time points with their sample name. 0d: raw barley, S: steeping, G: germination day, K: kilned malt (K not used for MSI). W: water, A: air rest, K1: kilning at 45°C (7h), K2: kilning at 65°C (17 h). B) Growth of the barley seeds during malting. Barley (0d, T = 1), steeped barley (S1d, T = 2), three of the five time points during germination (G1d, G3d, G5d (T = 4,6,8)) and final kilned malt (K1d) are shown as representatives. Main seed organs and compartments are indicated at the raw barley seed.