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The axillary VLN flap model.

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posted on 06.10.2020, 17:27 by Florian S. Frueh, Bijan Jelvani, Claudia Scheuer, Christina Körbel, Bong-Sung Kim, Pietro Giovanoli, Nicole Lindenblatt, Yves Harder, Emmanuel Ampofo, Michael D. Menger, Matthias W. Laschke

A T-shaped skin incision in the right axilla. B The pectoralis major muscle is retracted cranio-medially (black arrow) and the lateral thoracic artery (red arrowhead) and vein (blue arrowhead) are identified. Dotted line and asterisk = VLN flap. C Completely dissected VLN flap containing lymph nodes (broken lines) and perinodal adipose tissue (asterisk). Vascular pedicle with lateral thoracic artery (red arrowhead), axillary artery (double red arrowhead), lateral thoracic vein (blue arrowhead), and axillary vein (double blue arrowhead). D Separation of lymph nodes and perinodal adipose tissue for Western blot analyses. Scale bars: A and B = 6 mm, C = 3 mm. VLN = vascularized lymph node.