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The Tarsometatarsus of the Ostrich Struthio camelus: Anatomy, Bone Densities, and Structural Mechanics - Fig 20

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posted on 2016-03-25, 06:42 authored by Meagan M. Gilbert, Eric Snively, John Cotton

Constraints (pink dots and regions) and resultants of forces applied to nodes (teal arrows) for FEA are shown in proximal (A), medial (B and C), anterodistal (D), posterior (E and F), and lateral (G and H) views. In D, the large teal area shows the tails of the arrows where the FGRF was applied. Large arrows in B and G represent tension Fm in the gastrocnemius tendon, and the ground reaction force FGRF. H prox. = proximal surface of the hypotarsus. H post. = distal surface of the hypotarsus, CPL = Crista plantares lateralis, CPM = Crista plantares medialis.