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The 20 GWAS loci are enriched for enhancers preferentially active in cranial neural crest cells and embryonic craniofacial tissue.

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posted on 19.08.2021, 17:25 authored by Chenxing Liu, Myoung Keun Lee, Sahin Naqvi, Hanne Hoskens, Dongjing Liu, Julie D. White, Karlijne Indencleef, Harold Matthews, Ryan J. Eller, Jiarui Li, Jaaved Mohammed, Tomek Swigut, Stephen Richmond, Mange Manyama, Benedikt Hallgrímsson, Richard A. Spritz, Eleanor Feingold, Mary L. Marazita, Joanna Wysocka, Susan Walsh, Mark D. Shriver, Peter Claes, Seth M. Weinberg, John R. Shaffer

Boxplots indicate H3K27ac signal (log-transformed coverage) in the vicinity of the 20 GWAS loci (within 20kb) in individual samples; cranial neural crest cells and embryonic craniofacial samples are colored blue and orange, respectively. The dashed line at ~2.5 is the median signal across all cell types and tissues.