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Temporal hierarchy.

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posted on 18.10.2018, 17:29 by Maximilian Schmidt, Rembrandt Bakker, Kelly Shen, Gleb Bezgin, Markus Diesmann, Sacha Jennifer van Albada

(A) Area-averaged firing rates (color code) for a sample period (horizontal), with areas (vertical) ordered according to the onset of increased activity. (B) Covariance functions of the area-averaged firing rates of V1 with areas V2 (gray) and FEF (light gray), and auto-covariance function of V1 (black). Dashed lines mark time lags detected by a wavelet smoothing algorithm (see Materials and methods). (C) Matrix of time lags of the correlation function for all pairs of areas. Area MDP is neglected (gray matrix elements) because it has only outgoing connections to but no incoming connections from other visual areas presently included in CoCoMac. Areas are ordered according to their architectural type. (D) Same matrix as in C, but with areas ordered according to the temporal hierarchy. (E) Eigenvalues of the effective connectivity matrix (see Materials and methods). Red, eigenvalue with maximal real part. (F) Absolute value of the corresponding critical eigenvector projected onto the populations of the model on logarithmic scale. Areas are ordered according to their position in the temporal hierarchy. (G) Lateral (left) and medial (right) view on the left hemisphere of an inflated macaque cortical surface showing the order in which areas are preferentially activated (color code). Created with the “view/map 3d surface” tool on https://scalablebrainatlas.incf.org.