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Temporal changes in [oxy-Hb] under Wearing Denture condition as compared to Young.

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posted on 30.06.2016, 18:05 by Kazunobu Kamiya, Noriyuki Narita, Sunao Iwaki

The values for [oxy-Hb] under the Wearing were significantly (two-way repeated measures ANOVA and Bonferroni t-test, p<0.05) decreased as compared to the Young during the chewing period for DLPFC (BA9, BA46), FPA (BA10), and BA (BA45), and during the post-chewing period for DLPFC (BA46) and FPA (BA10). Significant differences between Wearing Denture and Young are indicated by a blue bar. All channels shown here correspond to channels that showed significant differences between the Wearing Denture and Tooth Loss presented in Fig 4.