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Temperature dependency of: (A) apparent viscosity and (B) G' (continuous line) and G" (dotted line) modulus of the aqueous dispersions of curdlan.

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posted on 2017-02-28, 18:27 authored by Camila Sampaio Mangolim, Thamara Thaiane da Silva, Vanderson Carvalho Fenelon, Luciana Numata Koga, Sabrina Barbosa de Souza Ferreira, Marcos Luciano Bruschi, Graciette Matioli

Pre-gelled commercial curdlan (empty symbol) and curdlan produced by Agrobacterium sp. IFO 13140 recovered by the pre-gelation method (full symbol) at (■) 20, (●) 40 and (▲) 80 g L-1.