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TargetClone: A multi-sample approach for reconstructing subclonal evolution of tumors - Fig 5

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posted on 2018-11-29, 18:49 authored by Marleen M. Nieboer, Lambert C. J. Dorssers, Roy Straver, Leendert H. J. Looijenga, Jeroen de Ridder

(A) Expected development of TGCC based on knowledge described in literature. (B) Tree reconstructed by TargetClone for T6107. (C) Tree reconstructed by TargetClone for T618. A few events have been annotated to show the relations between samples. In (B), LOH at chromosome 22q is colored in blue and red to indicate that a different parental allele has been lost. A thicker line indicates that a larger number of events is introduced in the subclone. (D) Tree reconstructed by TargetClone for P1 of the ovarian cancer dataset. The two sample groups are placed in two clusters, as highlighted in yellow and blue. A description of how the trees are visualized can be found in S1 Text.