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Tailoring the Blast Exposure Conditions in the Shock Tube for Generating Pure, Primary Shock Waves: The End Plate Facilitates Elimination of Secondary Loading of the Specimen - Fig 5

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posted on 07.09.2016, 17:30 by Matthew Kuriakose, Maciej Skotak, Anthony Misistia, Sudeepto Kahali, Aravind Sundaramurthy, Namas Chandra

The ratios of peak overpressure between incident and reflected shock wave measured at different locations inside of the shock tube as a function of sensor distance from the breech and blast intensity: A) 0.625” gap, B) 2” gap between end of the shock tube and reflector plate. The ratios between incident peak overpressure and the lowest level (through) of measured reflected underpressure for blasts generated when the gap between the end of the shock tube and reflector plate was 4” (C) and with open end (D). The data points were horizontally shifted for clarity of presentation.