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posted on 2018-01-26, 22:22 authored by Ekaterina SidorchukEkaterina Sidorchuk, Alexander Khaustov
Original image stacks and layered images of the holotype specimens of fossil Acari: Trombidiformes: Tetranychoidea: Tuckerellidae: (1) Tuckerella fossilibus Khaustov, Sergeyenko & Perkovsky, 2014, deutonymph, ength of idiosoma – 245 ?m, width – 165 ?m, specimen deposited in I.I. Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology, National Academy of Science, Kiev (SIZK), collection number KF-2237; (2) new species of Tuckerella, Female. Length of idiosoma – 274, width – 155, height – 55 ?m, originates from collection of Mr. Thomas Weiterschan (TW), original number TW 1288, and is transferred to the collection of the Geological-Paleontological Museum and University Hamburg (GPIH).
Image stacks were obtained with Zeiss AxioImager A2 compound microscope with dry lenses and differential interference contrast (DIC) illumination with AxioCam 506 color digital camera. Bright field and polarized light micrographs were obtained with Nikon Eclipse 800 microscope with 60x water immersion lens, Nikon DS-Fi1 and Nikon D7000 digital cameras. All images were corrected for light, color, noise and sharpness using Adobe Lightroom, then processed with Helicon Focus algorithm A, always with some detail manually transferred from the individual focal planes to the resulting images. These images are further referred to as "comb" in the file names.

Sidorchuk E.A. and Khaustov A.A. (2018), Two Eocene species of peacock mites (Acari:
Tetranychoidea: Tuckerellidae).
Acarologia 58(1): 99-115; DOI 10.24349/acarologia/20184228