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TU-BcX-4IC cells were treated with oncology drugs selected from the NCI drug set cytotoxic to TU-BcX-4IC cells and compared to cells pre-treated with romidepsin.

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posted on 09.10.2020, 17:29 by Tiffany C. Chang, Margarite D. Matossian, Steven Elliott, Hope E. Burks, Rachel A. Sabol, Deniz A. Ucar, Henri Wathieu, Jovanny Zabaleta, Luis De Valle, Sukhmani Gill, Elizabeth Martin, Adam I. Riker, Lucio Miele, Bruce A. Bunnell, Matthew E. Burow, Bridgette M. Collins-Burow

Crystal violet staining of TU-BcX-4IC cells pre-treated with romidepsin for 48 hours (50 nM), or without romidepsin, and then subsequently treated with the NCI oncology drug set. “FK” denotes FK228, or romidepsin, treatment. Scale bars represent 0.25 mm.