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TER of polarized Caco-2 monolayers exposed to of nonclinical origin D7 (□) and 7103 (▴) or strains of clinical origin SSI4 (Δ), SSI6 (⋄), YJM222 (♦), YJM311 ( ) at a concentration of 1 × 10 yeast mL or without yeast added (▪) (control)

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posted on 2011-12-31, 18:58 authored by Trine Danø Klingberg, Urska Lesnik, Nils Arneborg, Peter Raspor, Lene Jespersen
Each assay was conducted twice (two different passages) with triplicate determinations. The error bars indicate the SD.

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Taken from "Comparison of strains of clinical and nonclinical origin by molecular typing and determination of putative virulence traits"

Fems Yeast Research 2008;8(4):631-640.

Published online 18 Mar 2008


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