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TD effect on thapsigargin-induced cytosolic calcium increase in liver cells (n = 3).

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posted on 22.02.2016, 09:39 by Enio Rodrigues Vasques, Jose Eduardo Monteiro Cunha, Ana Maria Mendonca Coelho, Sandra N. Sampietre, Rosely Antunes Patzina, Emilio Elias Abdo, Helena B. Nader, Ivarne L. S. Tersariol, Marcelo Andrade Lima, Carlos M. G. Godoy, Tiago Rodrigues, Eleazar Chaib, Luiz A. C. D’Albuquerque

Panel A—Images of 340/380 nm fluorescence ratio using a non-true color scale. Scale bars—50 μm; Time shown in white inside each frame; Panel B—Relative quantification of changes in calcium levels. Arrows indicate additions. THAP—4 μM thapsigargin; IONO—0.25 μM ionomycin; TD—30 μM trisulfated disaccharide.