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TCR induced CD25Foxp3T cells were immunosuppressive to CD4CD25T cell proliferation in vitro

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posted on 31.12.2011, 10:33 by Shoba Amarnath, Li Dong, Jun Li, Yuntao Wu, Wanjun Chen

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Taken from "Endogenous TGF-β activation by reactive oxygen species is key to Foxp3 induction in TCR-stimulated and HIV-1-infected human CD4CD25T cells"


Retrovirology 2007;4():57-57.

Published online 9 Aug 2007


. CD4CD25T cells were cultured with anti-CD3 and anti-CD28 for 5 days. The converted CD4CD25Foxp3T cells were purified and washed extensively. The converted Tregs were then used at varying concentrations in a co-culture suppression assay along with CD4CD25(5 × 10) T cells pre-labeled with CFSE as responders and autologous monocytes (2 × 10) as accessory cells. Anti-CD3 antibody was added into the start of the co-culture suppression assay (0.5 μg/ml). CFSE dilution of responder cells was measured after 72 hrs using flow cytometry. . IFN-γ production of responder cells in the co-culture assay as detected by flow cytometry after 72 hrs. iTreg: induced Foxp3CD4CD25T cells. The experiment was repeated for three times with similar results.


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