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TALK-1 interacts with iOPN in a heterologous expression system (HEK293) and in primary mouse islets.

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posted on 12.04.2017, 18:18 authored by Matthew T. Dickerson, Nicholas C. Vierra, Sarah C. Milian, Prasanna K. Dadi, David A. Jacobson

A. Western blot run with TALK-1-FLAG immune complexes (isolated from HEK293 cells expressing iOPN-V5 and TALK-1-FLAG) probed with anti-V5. B. Western blot run with TALK-1 immune complexes (isolated from primary human islets) probed with anti-OPN. Immunofluorescent image of a HEK293 cell coexpressing C. OPN-V5 (red) and D. TALK-1-FLAG (green). E. Overlay of C. (OPN-V5) and D. (TALK-1-FLAG) demonstrating colocalization when heterologously expressed in HEK293 cells. Immunofluorescent image of a human pancreas section with F. endogenous OPN (red) and G. endogenous TALK-1 (green). H. Overlay of F. (OPN) and G. (TALK-1) showing islet specific colocalization (yellow).