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Supplementary computed muscle control comparison.

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posted on 2020-10-28, 17:57 authored by Arash Mohammadzadeh Gonabadi, Prokopios Antonellis, Philippe Malcolm

Comparison of estimation of the time profile of metabolic rate using EMG-driven musculoskeletal method versus computed muscle control (CMC) data. The EMG-driven timeseries is a metabolic time profile of one participant during level walking, obtained with the model, musculoskeletal method, and muscle metabolic rate equations that are used in the musculoskeletal method in the main text. The computed muscle control time series is a metabolic time profile of the same participant and walking condition, obtained with the same muscle metabolic rate equations but with a different model and general approach to obtain the states of the muscles. For the computed muscle control driven timeseries, we used the computed muscle control tool in combination with the default model (Gait2392) in OpenSim to obtain the muscle states from 46 lower leg muscles per side. This comparison shows that metabolic time profile estimations can be different even when the same muscle metabolic rate equations are used but with different models and general approaches to obtain muscle state data.