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Study timeline of 19 healthy staff-owned dogs treated with fenbendazole (n = 9) and untreated control group (n = 10).

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posted on 06.02.2020, 18:31 by Madeline A. Fujishiro, Jonathan A. Lidbury, Rachel Pilla, Jörg M. Steiner, Michael R. Lappin, Jan S. Suchodolski

Fenbendazole (50 mg/kg) was administered to dogs in the treatment group on days 0–4. Fluorescent antibody staining for Giardia cysts and Cryptosporidium oocysts and fecal flotations were performed on days -7 and -1. DNA was extracted from an aliquot of feces from days -7, -1, 3, 6, and 13.