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Structure of SpOatAC.

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posted on 27.10.2017, 17:38 by David Sychantha, Carys S. Jones, Dustin J. Little, Patrick J. Moynihan, Howard Robinson, Nicola F. Galley, David I. Roper, Christopher G. Dowson, P. Lynne Howell, Anthony J. Clarke

A. Cartoon representations identifying the seven α-helices (gray), five β-strands (green), and coils (white) of the atypical α/β hydrolase fold adopted by SpOatAC. Also, shown in stick form are the amino acids comprising the active-site and oxyanion hole (PDB ID: 5UFY). B. Surface representations of SpOatAC depicting the putative catalytic triad and oxyanion hole residues within a shallow pocket of the enzyme.