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Structural variations in the subunits of holo and apo GabR forms.

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posted on 18.12.2017, 18:31 by Teresa Milano, Adnan Gulzar, Daniele Narzi, Leonardo Guidoni, Stefano Pascarella

(A) RMSD variations. X-axis reports the time frame in ns units. Color code for attribution of lines is reported in the figure inset. All frames were superimposed to the initial reference structure. RMSF variations for (B) subunit A and (C) subunit B of both forms. All frames were superimposed to the initial structure. Black and red lines refer to holo and apo GabR, respectively. Green and cyan horizontal curly brackets indicate the sequence positions of the wHTH and linker domains, respectively. All the calculations have been carried out taking into account only the main chain atoms.