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Structural and molecular characterization of crude polysaccharide, Rusalan, isolated from Russula alatoreticula.

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posted on 26.05.2017, 17:29 by Somanjana Khatua, Arun Kumar Dutta, Swarnendu Chandra, Soumitra Paloi, Kanad Das, Krishnendu Acharya

(A) Changes in absorption maximum of Congo red-polysaccharide complex at various concentrations of sodium hydroxide solution (B) FT-IR spectra (C) Identification of monosaccharides in hydrolysed polysaccharides by HPTLC. Lanes: 1: L-arabinose, 2: D-fructose, 3: D-fucose, 4: D-galactose, 5: Rusalan, 6: D-glucose, 7: D-mannose, 8: D-rhamnose, 9: D-xylose (D) GC-MS chromatogram of derivatized Rusalan (Retention time of D-mannose: 16.6 min, D-glucose: 16.7 min, D-galactose: 16.8 min).